About us

Meet Elementi

Elementi is a place where you can enjoy the most authentic Pizza and Pasta. We will be happy to make it worth your visit. You’ll be greeted with love and served with care. A Pizza will make you fall in love with Italian Pizza once more – either enjoyed in-house or takeaway.
All of our Pizzas are made and served in an Italian style. So, right after you place the order, you’ll get the atmosphere and feel of the best Italian Pizza place that you can imagine.


Forget that you are eating a Pizza in Australia; when you take the first bite, the Restaurant Italian menu will help you decide which of the Pizza the right choice is for you. If you pick any of the Pizza from our menu, you’ll get the same quality and Italian style you expect from an authentic Italian Pizza.

Your Authentic Italian Style Pizza

If you were searching for an Italian-style restaurant, your search ends here at Elementi in Paddington our freshly baked Pizza will teleport you to an Italian restaurant from far away.

Elementi, a dynamic force in constant evolution, offers a combination of experience and innovation to honour food and wine.

Through its attention to detail, comfort and care, and a humble approach to the table, Elementi celebrates Italian culinary traditions enriched with locally sourced ingredients and bits and pieces from our own diverse backgrounds.

Welcome to our house.

Our story

A Brazilian, a Colombian and a Sicilian walk into a bar… the rest is history.

When the founders meet each other, they shared their passion for Pizza and Pasta and their love for Hospitality.
The rest is just history. That was the day when Elementi Restaurant was born. And Paddington felt the perfect place to make this dream a reality.

Are you craving that perfect-baked Pizza? Luckily, you’ve found a place where you’ll enjoy the Italian Pizza that will give you the authentic feel, ambience, and taste like never before.
Enjoy our Pizza Margherita if you love mozzarella cheese with the extra tomato and fresh basil, or you can go with Pizza Calzone if you prefer spinach, ham, and Parmigiano in your delicious Pizza.
It is a fantastic sight at our pizza oven, where all the magic happens while you indulge yourself in the most exquisite form of Italian food you have ever imagined.